"Fuzzbox is the closest thing to magic I have ever seen"
- Telecom IT Manager

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This Fuzzy Lookup example demonstrates removing duplicates (deduplicate), merging similar data, cleaning dirty data, etc. FuzzBox can work on a virtually unlimited amount of data, we are just using 10 pieces of data (records) to demonstrate the algorithm.

Try adding, removing and modifying letters of the addresses or enter your own test data (it can be any data not just addresses) and FuzzBox will "magically" match the fields!

"Threshold" can be in between .100 and .333.
The higher the Threshold, the "tighter" the match. Between .170 and .245 is a good starting point

TIP! To get the best results be patient and find the best Threshold for your specific data. Push it a bit too far and then back off for optimum results!

Step 1. Provide your Correct and Incorrect Data.

You can have more than one Incorrect Data source and the data can be provided in whatever format you have, for example, Excel, database, text file, etc.

If you don't have Correct Data to match against and just want to remove or merge similar (duplicate/misspelled) data, you can do that as well.

Incorrect Data Correct Data
Threshold: (.100 - .333)  

Step 2. Verify the "good" and "bad" (false positive) Matches.

Uncheck any (bad) Matches you do not want.

122 Main Street Unit 101 122 Main Street #101
122 Main Street Unit 101 122 Main Street Unit 101
500 Front Street #202 500 Front Street Unit 202
500 Front Street #202 500 Front Unit 202
750 Washington Avenue 750 Washinton Avenu
750 Washington Avenue 750 Washton Avenue

Step 3. Get the Final Clean Data

Click the "Clean..." button below to get the "Final Clean Data." This will remove any data (records) that you "unchecked" in Step 2 so you don't have to waste time doing that manually.

Below is your Final Clean Data
Tweak the Threshold & Matches in Steps 1 and 2 above if needed
You can receive the Final Clean Data in whatever format you need, for example Excel, database, text file, etc.

Final Cleaned Data

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