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Fuzzy Logic Matching

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Incorrect Data
Correct Data


SCORE From Incorrect Data Correct Data Match
16Universal Music Grp.Universal Music Group
14Unversal StudiosUniversal Studios Incorporated
13Sony Music Inc.Sony Music Incorporated
11Disney WorldWalt Disney World Corporation
9Universal Music Grp.Universal Studios Incorporated
9Big Beat PromotionsBig Beat Records
9DisneyWorldWalt Disney World Corporation
9Dizney WorldWalt Disney World Corporation
9Sony MusicSony Music Incorporated
8Universal Music Grp.Motown Music Group
8Ambin Ent.Amblin Entertainment
7Atlantic PublishingAltlantic Recording Corporation
7Unversal StudiosUniversal Music Group
7Universal Music Grp.Sony Music Incorporated
6Sony Music Inc.Motown Music Group
6Sony Music Inc.Universal Music Group
6Disney LndWalt Disney World Corporation
5Sony MusicMotown Music Group
5Sony MusicSony Pictures Entertainment
5Sony Music Inc.Sony Pictures Entertainment
5Atlantic PublishingAmblin Entertainment
5Sony MusicUniversal Music Group
3Big Beat PromotionsMotown Music Group
3Atlantic PublishingMagnolia Pictures
3Atlantic PublishingSony Pictures Entertainment
3Ambin Ent.Sony Pictures Entertainment
3Universal Music Grp.Altlantic Recording Corporation
3Atlantic PublishingSony Music Incorporated
2Atlantic PublishingMotown Music Group
2Big Beat PromotionsSony Pictures Entertainment
2Unversal StudiosAltlantic Recording Corporation
2DisneyWorldAltlantic Recording Corporation
2Disney WorldAltlantic Recording Corporation
2Dizney WorldAltlantic Recording Corporation
2Sony Music Inc.Altlantic Recording Corporation
2Atlantic PublishingBig Beat Records
2DisneyWorldBig Beat Records
2Disney WorldBig Beat Records
2Sony Music Inc.Amblin Entertainment
2Atlantic PublishingUniversal Music Group
2Unversal StudiosWalt Disney World Corporation
2Disney WorldSony Music Incorporated
2Dizney WorldSony Music Incorporated
1Tommy BoyMotown Music Group
1Ambin Ent.Motown Music Group
1Disney LndUniversal Studios Incorporated
1Big Beat PromotionsUniversal Studios Incorporated
1DisneyWorldUniversal Studios Incorporated
1Disney WorldUniversal Studios Incorporated
1Dizney WorldUniversal Studios Incorporated
1Big Beat PromotionsMagnolia Pictures
1Unversal StudiosMagnolia Pictures
1Universal Music Grp.Magnolia Pictures
1Sony MusicMagnolia Pictures
1Sony Music Inc.Magnolia Pictures
1Disney LndSony Pictures Entertainment
1Tommy BoySony Pictures Entertainment
1Unversal StudiosSony Pictures Entertainment
1Universal Music Grp.Sony Pictures Entertainment
1Disney WorldSony Pictures Entertainment
1Dizney WorldSony Pictures Entertainment
1Disney LndAltlantic Recording Corporation
1Big Beat PromotionsAltlantic Recording Corporation
1Ambin Ent.Altlantic Recording Corporation
1Sony MusicAltlantic Recording Corporation
1Disney LndBig Beat Records
1Tommy BoyBig Beat Records
1Unversal StudiosBig Beat Records
1WEABig Beat Records
1Ambin Ent.Big Beat Records
1Universal Music Grp.Big Beat Records
1Dizney WorldBig Beat Records
1Sony MusicBig Beat Records
1Sony Music Inc.Big Beat Records
1Unversal StudiosAmblin Entertainment
1Universal Music Grp.Amblin Entertainment
1Tommy BoyWalt Disney World Corporation
1Big Beat PromotionsWalt Disney World Corporation
1Atlantic PublishingWalt Disney World Corporation
1Universal Music Grp.Walt Disney World Corporation
1Sony MusicWalt Disney World Corporation
1Sony Music Inc.Walt Disney World Corporation
1Disney LndSony Music Incorporated
1Tommy BoySony Music Incorporated
1Big Beat PromotionsSony Music Incorporated
1Ambin Ent.Sony Music Incorporated
1DisneyWorldSony Music Incorporated
0Disney LndMotown Music Group
0Unversal StudiosMotown Music Group
0WEAMotown Music Group
0DisneyWorldMotown Music Group
0Disney WorldMotown Music Group
0Dizney WorldMotown Music Group
0Tommy BoyUniversal Studios Incorporated
0Atlantic PublishingUniversal Studios Incorporated
0WEAUniversal Studios Incorporated
0Ambin Ent.Universal Studios Incorporated
0Sony MusicUniversal Studios Incorporated
0Sony Music Inc.Universal Studios Incorporated
0Disney LndMagnolia Pictures
0Tommy BoyMagnolia Pictures
0WEAMagnolia Pictures
0Ambin Ent.Magnolia Pictures
0DisneyWorldMagnolia Pictures
0Disney WorldMagnolia Pictures
0Dizney WorldMagnolia Pictures
0WEASony Pictures Entertainment
0DisneyWorldSony Pictures Entertainment
0Tommy BoyAltlantic Recording Corporation
0WEAAltlantic Recording Corporation
0Disney LndAmblin Entertainment
0Tommy BoyAmblin Entertainment
0Big Beat PromotionsAmblin Entertainment
0WEAAmblin Entertainment
0DisneyWorldAmblin Entertainment
0Disney WorldAmblin Entertainment
0Dizney WorldAmblin Entertainment
0Sony MusicAmblin Entertainment
0Disney LndUniversal Music Group
0Tommy BoyUniversal Music Group
0Big Beat PromotionsUniversal Music Group
0WEAUniversal Music Group
0Ambin Ent.Universal Music Group
0DisneyWorldUniversal Music Group
0Disney WorldUniversal Music Group
0Dizney WorldUniversal Music Group
0WEAWalt Disney World Corporation
0Ambin Ent.Walt Disney World Corporation
0Unversal StudiosSony Music Incorporated
0WEASony Music Incorporated

Why you need Fuzzy Logic/Approximate String Matching
If you have even just 100 records in your database or spreadsheet you need to clean up and it took a person just 10 seconds to compare one record against another manually to figure out what to do with it, it would take 1,000 seconds to deal with one single record (compare it against the other 99 records). So comparing all 100 records to each other would take 100,000 seconds - 27 hours. So if you have 1,000 records to clean up, that would take 2,777 hours! That would be one person working 69 weeks on it full time. This enormous amount of work is not obvious until you break it down like this. This is why you need fuzzy logic matching.

Problem 1. Your Database Has Dirty Data!
What happens when your database doesn't refer to the same item the same way? Your website, applications and systems do not work properly and you lose productivity and business. Our FuzzBoxTM fuzzy search application can help match and clean up dirty data.

Problem 2. You Have Slightly Different Duplicate Data!
Exact duplicates are easy to find but what about items which are just slightly different? These are much harder to deal with and cause many headaches. Your website, applications and systems will run much more efficiently and increase productivity when you remove slightly different duplicate data. Our FuzzBoxTM fuzzy lookup application can help you do this.

Problem 3. People Misspell Things!
It is a fact of life. What happens when someone (an employee or a customer) misspells an item when they search your website or database? Nothing shows up even when you do in fact have the item and you lose productivity and business. Our FuzzBoxTM fuzzy matching app can help match misspelled words.


FuzzBoxTM Works Everywhere! We can implement FuzzBoxTM on your website, within your app/system or in the cloud. We will help you identify the best way to get the job done.

FuzzBoxTM Is Flexible! FuzzBoxTM can work on any data, (e.g., a website, database fields, records, tables, Excel spreadsheet data, unstructured data, web pages, etc.) or any other data source. FuzzBoxTM can work on one or more fields/columns in a database and either change those fields to the correct data or create a new field/table with the correct or matching data.

FuzzBoxTM Supports Aliases! Sometimes data you are trying to match has no good logical relation and is usually impossible to match even with great fuzzy matching. This is where "user definable aliases come in." For example, in its most simple form you can tell FuzzBoxTM that "st" or "st." means "street" and it will match. However, in more complicated scenarios, aliases really shine. For example, you can tell FuzzBoxTM that "AB" means "after birth" or that "pre" means "pre-order." There is no limit to how many aliases you can use in FuzzBox.TM

FuzzBoxTM Supports Real-Time Substitution Lets say you want to change all occurrences of a given match to something else to clean up your data. In a simple example, you can tell FuzzBoxTM to replace all occurrences of "st." with "Street." In more complex scenarios, you can tell FuzzBoxTM to append or prepend a code to a match. For example, you can append prepend a code prefix such as ABC to all matches or add an "*" to certain matches to indicate a certain criteria for later use. Now, you can do this most databases however, when you do it in connection with fuzzy logic matching it becomes more powerful. FuzzBoxTM will even let you make substitutions on the fly when data is entered for cleaner data. No garbage in = no garbage out.

Better Than Excel Fuzzy Logic Formulas! We get customers all the time who have tried to do fuzzy logic matching with Excel and were not able to. FuzzBoxTM uses a better programming language than what Excel uses for pattern matching so the results are superior. Stop wasting time with a system that cannot do what you need!

FuzzBoxTM Works On Unstructured Data! Most databases and Excel work only on data inside a database or spreadsheet but what about data that is not in a database like text files, documents, web pages, etc? FuzzBoxTM will work on any data source whether the data is inside or outside of a database.

Imagine the increase in PRODUCTIVITY AND BUSINESS you would have with fuzzy search! To incorporate fuzzy matching in your application/Website and stop losing business Contact Us